Descriptive Essay Topics

A great way to grip your reader from the very start is by creating a catchy title.

There countless descriptive essay topics out there, you just have to find them. Try to write about something that you know and understand. This way, you don’t have to spend too much time researching the subject. Looking online is a great way to research essay topics. First decide if you want your essay to revolve around a person, place, thing, culture or historic era. When you have decided on the subject it is then time to formulate a descriptive title that will make people want to read it.

If you write an essay with a title that doesn’t relate to your actual subject you create confusion and your reader spends the time trying to figure out why you chose that particular title. So, you already set a negative impression from the start. Descriptive essay topics are not difficult to formulate. Simply by taking the strongest point to your work and recognizing the chief reason behind the essay, or keyword, you can then devise a strong description.

For instance, here are some examples of the broad focus of an essay and then the descriptive title that would narrow it down for the reader:

  • Personal Event: «The Beauty of an Outdoor Wedding»
  • Place: «Life in a Small Town»
  • Biography Essay: «The Lifestyle of Elvis Presley»

Descriptive essay topics should narrow down the overall thought to a clear view of the purpose of the essay. This will show your reader that you took the time to generate a worth while paper worthy of their attention. A well uniformed essay is much more than the studying, the style and the spelling or grammar. The title is the crown to the masterpiece and should project the meaning in a unique and interesting way.

An example of poor essay topics would be:

  • «A Famous Person»
  • «Life»
  • «History»
  • «Music»

These are titles that can encompass too many thoughts and ideas. By narrowing it down to an explanatory essay topic, a writer brings more interest to his or her subject. A boring or broad title can really turn away a reader’s interest or sour them on the desire to read what you have created. It is a simple way to encourage people to read your essay.

Here is another example of fine-tuning your title:

  • «Learning to Play the Guitar» instead of «Musical Instruments»
  • «Distinguishing Truth from Myths» instead of «Myths»
  • «Understanding the People of Ancient Egypt» instead of «Ancient Egypt»

So, you see, by revising the broad or all inclusive titles into more descriptive essay topics you are able to make your work more attractive to the reader. This will set the stage for presenting your essay as well as nurturing that valuable and positive first impression. If your reader doesn’t want to read your essay before they even get started that can’say anything flattering about your ability to effectively express your thoughts into words. Organize your ideas and formulate a strong and well structured title to capture the attention of your target audience.

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